University of Birmingham Nigeria Outstanding Achievement scholarships 2022

The University of Birmingham is pleased to announce the award of 4 scholarships to students resident in Nigeria applying to enroll in an Undergraduate program at the University from September 2022.

Eligibility for scholarship

Please note that students already enrolled and studying in a program at the University of Birmingham in the UK, and students applying for MBChB Medicine and Surgery or BDS Dental Surgery are not eligible for this scholarship. To be eligible, applicants must:Have received an offer and have selected the University of Birmingham as a strong choice for a full-time undergraduate program from September 2022.

The student will be entering the first year of a university-based program at the University. of Birmingham. Birmingham UK Campus.Meet the academic requirements for the program.He must be classified as a resident of Nigeria.The University must be classified as an overseas payer for tuition purposes and may pay tuition fees not covered by the scholarship.

Have sufficient funds to cover living costs at the University of Birmingham, as well as visa/travel costs associated with studying in the UK. Start their studies at the University in September 2022 (scholarships cannot be suspended).Register with one of our regional representatives, as listed above and below, and submit their application for university education to one of our regional representatives.

Accept an offer from the University of Birmingham and select Birmingham as your strong choice before the scholarship deadline and contact one of our regional representatives listed above before the scholarship deadline of 29 July 2022.When registering in September 2022, pay their net tuition for the first year by 1, November immediately after registration.

Application for scholarship

To apply for a scholarship, students will need to accept an offer from Birmingham, select Birmingham as their strong choice and contact one of our regional representatives listed above and enroll in one of the houses Our representation listed above before the academic deadline. of July 29, 2022.

Selection for this award will be based on academic and extracurricular merit. No maintenance will be required.

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