The Udemy Exemption Scholarship for International Students

The University of Montreal is launching a new scholarship program to waive tuition fees for international students. The aim of this new program is to help the best people from all over the world attend one of the best French-speaking research universities in the world.

Eligibility scholarship

Admission to graduate studies

• In general, admission to graduate programs at the 2nd cycle level (micro programs, DESS and master’s) requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Admission to graduate studies (third level)

• For admission to third level graduate programs (doctoral), a master’s degree or equivalent is usually required. The program information page outlines general and specific eligibility requirements, a list of additional documents to provide when seeking admission, and other requirements (if any).

Scholarship Benefits

The quality of your academic record is only a measure to determine the value of the education. This review is done through the registration provided when you apply for admission.

Scholarship Application

Applying for Admission

• To get your application and admission process off to a good start, review “Compass,” an interactive checklist that guides you through the required process. Before completing the application, make sure you complete the application form and check the acceptance rate of the study program you are interested in.Track your file and receive an offer of admission

• A few days after submitting your application for admission, you will receive your admission code in the “Student Center”. This is the platform where you can track your application and receive your acceptance letter.Accept the welcome offer to start the assessment.

• You do not need to apply for a license from Udemy. The files of new applicants will be reviewed to determine their eligibility and scholarship waivers.Receive notification of the award and amount

• After receiving your acceptance, the Université de Montréal will inform you without delay, by e-mail, of the amount of scholarship you have. Print and keep this document in a safe place. It will be useful for future reference.

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