The Elsa Neumann literacy

In agreement with the Berlin Law on the Promotion of Youth Achievement in Education, Science and the trades( Gesture zur Förderung des wises shaft lichen undkünstlerischen Na Churches), doctoral scholars are given the occasion to study.

Eligibility for education

Aspirants must be suitable to demonstrate above average performance, especially in their undergraduate degree. There must be reason to anticipate that the academic work of the aspirants will make a significant donation to exploration in the field.

The operation should be accompanied by the pupil’s qualifications, a statement from the professor in charge of their work, and a work plan that shows the pupil’s purpose for choosing a subject, the original work situation in the work, a list of exploration systems and scheduling. for design perpetration. aspirants mustn’t have entered former government backing for the same design.

Benefits for education

The introductory allowance is,350 euros per month, plus an allowance of 100 euros for property costs. Family allowances and special allowances for trip charges may be handed. First mates are given up to two times. Each pupil is needed to submit a report on their work and a statement from their administrator at the end of the first and alternate time of fellowship.

The entitlement is granted for a maximum period of three times. The final thesis education is awarded for a maximum period of one time, with no possibility of extension. Heirs are needed to devote further of their time and energy to their supported conditioning

operation for education

literacy are awarded on the base of the decision of the Inter university Commission for Award of Doctoral literacy( Commission zur Verge von elevations Stipend In), whose members are appointed by the Senator for Education, Science and Research.There are two deadlines each time, one in April and one in November.

The company will advertise the exact time of completion( completion). Successful aspirants begin entering backing on April 1 or July 1.

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