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Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links
Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

The great emperor Nor-u-Din Muhammad Jahangir founded the historic Sheikhupura. Jahangir’s mother was a Hindu and fondly called Sheikhu Baba. The new city has named Sheikhupura. The city is an industrial center and a satellite city and is located about 38 km northwest of Lahore. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

It also borders Sialkot, Gujranwala, Nankana Sahib and Kasur districts of Punjab, Pakistan. The old name of Sheikhupura is “Gujjarpura”. The great Emperor Noor-ud-Din Muhammad Jahangir founded the historic Sheikhupura. Jahangir’s mother was a Hindu and affectionately called him Sheikhu baba. Because of this auspiciousness, the new city has also called Sheikhupura. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

Active Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

In the northeast, at a distance of 4 km, a hunting ground has built. Sheikhupura, today the district headquarters, is an ancient city. In 1015 AH, Emperor Jehangir camped at Jehangirpura (modern Sheikhupura), which was his hunting ground. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

He ordered Iskandar Moin, the Jagirdar of the Pargana to build a fort there and the name of the fort came from the name of the emperor. The minar, made of bricks found in the field, has built by order of Emperor Jahangir around 1606 AD. It has built in the sanctuary of his pet named Mansraj. who has captured from a place in this area, originally a royal hunting sanctuary. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

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Updated Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

Sheikhupura is an agricultural and industrial town in the Punjab province, a little northwest of Lahore in Pakistan. The city has famous for its historical sites and has often called Qila Sheikhupura because of the walls built by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Sheikhupura District is a district in Lahore District of Punjab, Pakistan. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

Sheikhpura is the headquarters of Sheikhpura district. The main crops in Sheikhupura district are sugarcane, wheat, rice and guava. Various vegetables has also grown in the area. There are already 23 flour mills, 93 rice mills, 4 fruit juice units, 4 solvent extraction units and 15 ghee gins operating in the district. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Link

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