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Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links
Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

The great emperor Nor-u-Din Muhammad Jahangir founded the historic Sheikhupura. Jahangirโ€™s mother was a Hindu and fondly called Sheikhu Baba. The new city has named Sheikhupura. The city is an industrial center and a satellite city and is located about 38 km northwest of Lahore. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

It also borders Sialkot, Gujranwala, Nankana Sahib and Kasur districts of Punjab, Pakistan. The old name of Sheikhupura is โ€œGujjarpuraโ€. The great Emperor Noor-ud-Din Muhammad Jahangir founded the historic Sheikhupura. Jahangirโ€™s mother was a Hindu and affectionately called him Sheikhu baba. Because of this auspiciousness, the new city has also called Sheikhupura. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Active Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

In the northeast, at a distance of 4 km, a hunting ground has built. Sheikhupura, today the district headquarters, is an ancient city. In 1015 AH, Emperor Jehangir camped at Jehangirpura (modern Sheikhupura), which was his hunting ground. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

He ordered Iskandar Moin, the Jagirdar of the Pargana to build a fort there and the name of the fort came from the name of the emperor. The minar, made of bricks found in the field, has built by order of Emperor Jahangir around 1606 AD. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

It has built in the sanctuary of his pet named Mansraj. who has captured from a place in this area, originally a royal hunting sanctuary.Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

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Updated Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Sheikhupura is an agricultural and industrial town in the Punjab province, a little northwest of Lahore in Pakistan. The city has famous for its historical sites and has often called Qila Sheikhupura because of the walls built by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Sheikhupura District is a district in Lahore District of Punjab, Pakistan. Sheikhpura is the headquarters of Sheikhpura district. The main crops in Sheikhupura district are sugarcane, wheat, rice and guava. Various vegetables has also grown in the area. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

There are already 23 flour mills, 93 rice mills, 4 fruit juice units, 4 solvent extraction units and 15 ghee gins operating in the district. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

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Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links
Famous Food, Festival and Culture in Sheikhupura

Sheikhupura, a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan, is rich in culture, history and cuisine. Located near Lahore, it exhibits a unique blend of traditions related to the various civilizations that have inhabited the region for centuries. Here is a look at Sheikhupuraโ€™s famous food, culture and events. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Sheikhupura Famous Food

  1. Nihari is a traditional Pakistani breakfast dish loved by the people of Sheikhupura. It is a slow-cooked beef or mutton stew, cooked with spices such as ginger, garlic and various spices. Nihari is usually served with naan bread and a rich and flavorful broth making it a popular choice among diners. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links
  2. Sheikhupura is famous for its tasty and delicious barbecue food. From tender kebabs to delicious tikkas, the city offers many grilled delicacies. Barbecue restaurants line the road, attracting locals and tourists to the aroma of meat and spices. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links
  3. Sohan Halwa is a traditional Indian treat from Punjab. Made from semolina, ghee, sugar and nuts, this rich and decadent dish is a must-try in Sheikhupura. It is often prepared during festivals and special occasions, showing celebration and togetherness. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links
  4. In addition to these specialties, Sheikhupura offers a variety of Punjabi cuisine. From savory dishes like saag (cooked mustard greens) and makki di roti (wheat bread) to spicy curries like chicken karahi, the countryโ€™s food scene showcases the rich flavors of the region. the body. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Sheikhupura Famous

Hospitality is deeply rooted in Sheikhupura culture. Guests are welcomed with open arms and treated with respect and generosity. Sharing food with guests is a common practice, reflecting the love and hospitality of the local people. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

The traditional clothes of Sheikhupura reflect the cultural heritage of Punjab. Men usually wear shalwar kameez, a long shirt paired with loose pants, while women wear more attractive clothes such as shalwar kameez or traditional Punjabi dresses, which are made with intricate designs. It is decorated with a beautiful look and design. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Music and dance play an important role in Sheikhupuraโ€™s cultural heritage. Bhangra, a dynamic dance form originating from Punjab, is often performed during festivals and events. Traditional Punjabi music, with instruments like dhol (drum) and tumbi (one-stringed instrument), adds to the festive atmosphere.

Famous Culture in Sheikhupura

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha are two major Islamic festivals celebrated with fervor in Sheikhupura. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, while Eid-ul-Adha commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as a sign of submission to God. These festivals involve prayer, feasting and the exchange of gifts with loved ones. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Basant, the water festival, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Sheikhupura and across Punjab. It represents the arrival of water and is characterized by flying, singing and dancing. Beautiful dogs fly across the sky, and the city comes alive with the sound of laughter and celebration. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

The Urs (death anniversaries) of famous Sufi saints, such as Hazrat Baba Farid Ganjshakar and Hazrat Baba Shah Jamal, are commemorated with spiritual gatherings, poetry and qawwali ceremonies. These events attract worshipers from all over, promoting a sense of community and spiritual unity. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

Sheikhupuraโ€™s food scene, rich cultural heritage, and colorful activities make it an attractive destination for travelers looking for an authentic experience in Punjab, Pakistan. From traditional delicacies to immersing yourself in the festivities, Sheikhupura offers insight into the soul of Punjabโ€™s cultural tapestry. Sheikhupura WhatsApp Group Links

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