Scholarship for Particularly Involved International Students

Within the framework of the DAAD program, STIBET I, the International Office offers scholarships for students funded by the Federal Foreign Office. These scholarships are for international students of RWTH Aachen, who are outstanding for their involvement in the international context in their studies and/or at the university.

Scholarship Eligibility

Students of RWTH Aachen can apply who

• have completed a full course of study at RWTH and have a foreign country. They must also be considered “Bildung sausländer”, which means they must have obtained a university degree from a non-German school.

• have studied at least two semesters at RWTH Aachen and achieved good current academic results

• have used outstanding international work at RWTH Aachen outside their studies

• can demonstrate intercultural skills as well as German and English skills. Involvement in an international context may include, for example, teaching international students as a friend or participating in internationally oriented programs and associations. RWTH Aachen students cannot apply who

• not currently at university, for example by completing an external project, a final thesis at a company or being abroad.

Scholarship Benefits

Funding is provided for six months during the summer semester and comprises a monthly stipend of 300 Euros.

Application for scholarship

Application Period: May 1 to 31 Submit the following documents to the online portal

• Application form with a statement of motivation and description of involvement • A current certification of your social involvement throughout your studies

• Certificate of enrollment

• Current transcript of records

• Resume

• Current recommendation letter from an RWTH university teacher or departmental advisor

• Copy of passport and a copy of the residence permit, if applicable

If you have a part time job, including as a student assistant, you must submit a copy of your work contract. If your employment is terminated at the beginning of, or during, the scholarship period, or the number of working hours changes, proof of this must be submitted.


we will not accept any applications that are incomplete or submitted past the deadline. Application documents must all be submitted online in a single PDF file. Any documents submitted by email or in paper form will not be accepted.

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