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Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links
Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

The legend of the city begins when Amir Subuktagin conquered Pakpattan in 980 AD. According to Farishta, an ancient writer and historian, Suuktagin captured the tower defending the city in 977-8 AD C. followed by Ibrahim Ghaznavi in ​​1079-80 AD. Pakpattan has known all over the world because of Sufi saint Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-Din (R.A). Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

Tosha is a unique flavor that was first developed in Pakpattan. It is also sold in India as a snack made in Pakpattan. Ancient Dhakki (meaning hill, small hill or high place) stands on a high ground. The first city was built here and spread outwards. This area has steeped in history as it is thousands of years old. Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

Latest Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

Pakpattan has first declared the district headquarters in 1849. When British rule was established in the district. The headquarters has shifted to Gugera in 1852 and to Sahiwal in 1856. The British also established the Pakpattan Municipal Committee in 1868. Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

The descendants of Hazrat Baba Farid, also known as Fareedi, Fareedies or Faridy, often carried the surname Faruqi. Fariduddin Gunj Shakar Temple is located in Pakpattan, Punjab. Baba Farid Shrine (Punjabi and Urdu: بابا فرید درگہ) is a 13th century Sufi shrine located in Pakpattan, Pakistan. Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

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Introduction to Attock City, known as. PUNJAB GATEWAY. Sahiwal District is bordered by Faisalabad Division to the west, Lahore Division to the north, Bahawalpur and India Division to the east, and Multan Division to the south. It includes Sahiwal, Okara and Pakpattan districts. Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

Dipalpur also spelled Depalpur, is a town in Okara district of Pakistan’s Punjab that serves as the headquarters of Depalpur Tehsil, the largest Tehsil in Pakistan. Pakistan is famous for its Mughal-inspired cuisine: pulaos, biryanis, kababs and kormas. the name changed to “Pakpattan”, derived from Pak and Pattan. The history of Pakpattan is like Lahore. Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

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Pakpattan WhatsApp Group Links

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