Onassis Foundation Scholarship Program

Duration of the scholarship:

9 to 36 months (depending on the minimum period of study according to the University regulations and the date of first registration in the program)

eligibiltity for scholarships

Purpose: for full-time doctoral studies. Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences

The scholarships are open to all holders of Greek citizenship and/or Greek nationality, or graduates of Greek universities who have degrees from Greek high school students and are legal residents of Greece.

Year of birth: from 1988; except for medical school graduates: from 1985

Education level: PhD or MPhil/PhD or other equivalent titles

Application for scholarship

The annual notification specifies all the supporting documents required to submit the application within the time limit, as per the notification.

Applicants may apply for any specialty or field of study except for interdisciplinary programs.

Applications cannot be accepted simply because they are submitted.

The foundation’s scholarship department reviews all submitted applications. All applications are eligible according to academic standing and advanced evaluation and selection process.

After the announcement of the results, successful applicants who have been awarded a scholarship cannot change the course they want if they are not accepted in the program for which they have been evaluated.

Holders of a foundation scholarship who wish to continue their studies (i.e. from Masters to Doctorate), always in good standing, must prepare new applications and all supporting documents in time specific mentioned in the corresponding notification. Deadline: for submission of applications at the end of February; announcement of the results on the website in mid-July

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