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Phosphate has been mined in Nauru since 1907. For decades it was Nauru’s main resource and only export, dominating the island’s economy, and its quality is among the highest in the world. The phosphate industry and government services together provided almost all of the island’s paid services. if you are interested to join any links. you just right-click on links and then you join the group.

Nauru Girl WhatsApp Group LinksNauru Girl WhatsApp Group Links

New Nauru Girl WhatsApp Group Link

Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation and is larger than the world’s two smallest countries: Vatican City and Monaco. There are no beaches, protected parks, or world heritage sites.

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Nauru Girl WhatsApp Group Links

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Best Nauru Girl WhatsApp Group Link

Nauruans eat a lot of seafood, as well as coconut and pandanus foods. Coconut milk is also used in Nauru. Coconut is a traditional dish. Nauru’s agriculture is small and cannot provide enough food for the people. Despite being an island, Nauru does not have a good fishing industry. Join Best Nauru Girl WhatsApp Group Links

Nauru Girl WhatsApp Group Links

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Nauru Girl WhatsApp Group Links

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