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Liechtenstein WhatsApp Group Links
Liechtenstein WhatsApp Group Links

Liechtenstein may be known around the world as a financial center, but the main contributor to its economy is the manufacturing sector. Industry (manufacturing and construction) represents 41.6% of gross domestic product (GDP). It is the second most visited country in Europe. It’s hard to believe, because of its breathtaking mountains, fairytale castles and wonderful winter sports offerings.

Active Liechtenstein WhatsApp Group Links

A Strong Economy With high levels of productivity, a free enterprise economy and one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, Liechtenstein is one of the to make the most developed countries in the world. Liechtenstein WhatsApp Group Links

A small town because of its small size, you can’t expect a nice city life or just a big city. Liechtenstein is not only one of the highest salary levels in Europe, but it is also one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Cost of living is similar to neighboring Switzerland.

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Liechtenstein may not have its own airport, but there are three international airports within an hour of the country. The national language is German, but the second most popular language is English. This is because most people in Liechtenstein speak German and English fluently. However, many people also speak other languages, such as French, Italian and Spanish. Liechtenstein WhatsApp Group Links

Religion in Liechtenstein is predominantly Catholic, with a minority of Protestants, non-religious, and adherents of other religions; it also has a small Muslim population, made up of people from countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey. Liechtenstein is a landlocked country between Switzerland and Austria. The official currency is the Swiss franc, but euros are also accepted.

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