Latest 3400+ Best Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links

Latest 3400+ Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links , You can join Rawalpindi WhatsApp group link for interesting stories about the culture of this country. Enjoy the famous food of Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links
Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links

Rawalpindi are a city in Pakistan, and it is not named after the king of India. Rawal has the name given to the custodians of Hindu temples, Pindi refers to a town or village. Rawalpindi is an important administrative, commercial and industrial center. Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Link

Its industries include locomotive works, gas works, an oil refinery, sawmills, an iron foundry, a brewery, and cotton, hosiery, and textile mills; it also produces shoes, leather goods, pottery, newspaper and tents. commonly known as Pindi, is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links

Updated Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Link

Rawalpindi has located next to the capital of Pakistan ‘Islamabad’ and both are known as ‘twin cities’. Known as Taxila to Greek historians. The site of the ancient city has identified in the ruins of Shahdheri, in the northwestern part of the region. Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Link

At the time of Alexander’s invasion, Arrian described Taxila as a prosperous city, the largest between the Indus and the Hydaspes. Rawalpindi flourished as a commercial center, although the city did not have a large industrial center during the British era. Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Link

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  • Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links
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Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links.Urdu is a language that everyone speaks and understands. However, Punjabi has spoken by the majority of the population, especially those living in the city. Therefore Urdu has the main language spoken and understood by the people living in the cantonment. Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Link

Educated people in Rawalpindi understand and speak English. Rawalpindi has located next to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and both are known as “twin cities” because of the close social and economic relations between them. Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Link

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Rawalpindi WhatsApp Group Links

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