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Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links
Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links

Kot Addu city being a historical and rich city, attracts tourists and is known as “City of Rivers”. The name of This city is Addu Khan whose tomb is still in the center of the city. The city has a total of 33 union councils. Addu is one of the most populated villages in the country. Meedhoo Island has records of villages dating back to 2000 BCE. Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links

The first settlers came from the western region of Gujarat and the state of Bihar, in what is now India. Kot Addu is a tehsil in Kot Addu district of Punjab, Pakistan. Kot-Addu village has the headquarters of the tehsil which has distributed and organized into 32 councils. Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links

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Kot Addu is a village and tehsil in the Muzaffargarh district in the southern Punjab province of Pakistan. The city has divided into 30 councils and has a population of over 104,000, making it the 67th largest city in Pakistan. The distance between Kot Addu and Lahore is 344 km. Distance by road is 404.3 km. Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links

The distance to Multan from Kot Addu is: 36 miles / 57.94 km / 31.28 nautical miles. Kot Addu and Multan are at the same time in the Asia/Karachi region. There have four inhabited islands and about 20 small uninhabited islands on the sandbar. The atoll has heart-shaped and approximately 18 kilometers wide and 15 kilometers long. Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links

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The 16-kilometer Addu Link Road, built in 2001, is the second longest highway in the Maldives. It runs from the capital city of Hithadhoo to the airport of Gan, running along the lake through the islands of Maradhoo, Maradhoo Feydhoo and Feydhoo. Addu is well known for its skilled sailors and boats. Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links

The boats built by Addu often went to Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and even as far as China for trade, carrying local products such as coconuts and delicacies. Kot Addu is considered as the capital of the country due to the strategic location of the city. As in central Punjab, most people in Kot Adu speak Seraiki. The local language, Urdu, is also spoken. Kot Addu WhatsApp Group Links

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