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Kiribati WhatsApp Group Links
Kiribati WhatsApp Group Links

The Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is a unique and culturally diverse country that faces real threats from the effects of climate change. Consisting of 33 atolls and islands, Kiribati is known for its beautiful coral reefs, fascinating culture and dynamic population. Kiribati WhatsApp Group Links

However, rising sea levels, extreme weather events and coastal erosion have placed Kiribati at the forefront of global climate crisis. This article examines the challenges faced by Kiribati and its initiatives to address the issue of climate change. Kiribati’s geography makes it more vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change.

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The country’s highest point is only a few meters above sea level, making it one of the lowest countries in the world. As global temperatures rise, ice caps melt and the warming of ocean waters causes sea levels to rise. The most immediate threat to Kiribati is sea level rise, which has already led to flooding of coastal areas, salinization of freshwater sources and increased coastal erosion.

Kiribati faces frequent and severe storms, cyclones and tides, which disrupt daily life, damage infrastructure and contaminate water. The country’s agriculture is dependent on coconuts and fish, both of which are vulnerable to climate change. Kiribati WhatsApp Group Links

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Coral bleaching also affects fish populations, leading to reduced food security. Kiribati is a strong advocate for climate action at the global level, highlighting the urgent need for international cooperation in climate change mitigation efforts.

The government is working to improve its infrastructure, including building sea walls and increasing roofs to reduce vulnerability to sea level rise and storm surges. Kiribati WhatsApp Group Links

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