Latest 2300+ Best Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links 2024

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Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links
Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

Guizhou Province in Southeast China boasts of its natural beauty and diverse ethnic culture. The Great Basin of Asia, China’s 5th Buddhist Mountain, China’s Largest Karst Cave, China’s Largest Danxia Land, etc., are located in Guizhou. The main language spoken in Guizhou is Southwest Mandarin, a dialect of Mandarin. Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

Although it is currently one of the poorest regions in the country, its tourism industry is slowly growing and beginning to prosper. Guizhou can be pronounced simply as “Qian”. The word “gui” in Chinese means “precious”, so the name “Guizhou” literally means “prefecture”. Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

Active Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

China’s State Council has launched a bold plan to boost the development of Guizhou, which has been described as an “underdeveloped region with extreme poverty.” Its GDP per capita that year was only 19,710 yuan, which equates to $2,801 at the current exchange rate. Active Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

The relief of Guizhou province is gradually from west to east and consists of 90% mountains and hills, of which 70% is karst topography. The biggest mountains in Guizhou Province are Dalou Shan Mountain, Wumeng Shand Mountain and Miao Ling Mountain. Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

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Guizhou has a mild and mild climate. It is not too hot in summer or too cold in winter in Guizhou. The best time to visit Guizhou is from April to November. Find out below the best places in Guizhou to explore. Guizhou Winter Winter in Guizhou starts in December and the coldest month is January. Updated Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

Since it does not snow, the average temperature is around 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. The average annual temperature is about 15℃. January is the coldest month while July is the warmest month. 

Guiyang has four distinct seasons; among them, winter is long. Regardless of the month of your visit, it is recommended that you take rain gear whenever you go out. Guizhou WhatsApp Group Links

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