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New Caledonia WhatsApp Group Links
New Caledonia WhatsApp Group Links

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory that benefits from greater autonomy under the terms of the Noumea Agreement of 1998. its has about 25 percent of the world’s nickel reserves, among the largest in the world. With this status, people born in one of the many islands of New Caledonia are considered French citizens,

enjoying the right to vote in French elections and to live in France if they wish. Like anywhere in the world, traveling to New Caledonia can be expensive. Depending on the flight you book, the type of accommodation you choose and the activities you enjoy during your stay, the cost of visiting the islands can add up.

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New Caledonia but English is widely spoken, even outside the tourist areas. There are also many Kanak languages ​​and dialects, including Drehu (Lifou). and there are many interesting local expressions that you will encounter during your stay. The serpentine climate provides New Caledonia with a significant proportion of the world’s famous nickel ore, Updated Caledonia WhatsApp Group Links

as well as large deposits of chromium, cobalt, iron and magnesium.New Caledonia benefits from a pleasant semi-tropical climate. The climate is consistent throughout the year, although there are different hot and cold months. The temperature is 24°C, dropping to 20-22°C in the cold months (June/July/August) and rising to 28°C in the hot months (December/January/February/March).

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New Caledonia WhatsApp Group Links

You must have a work permit. See here for more details on work permits in New Caledonia. its is home to biodiversity with a level of endemism, per square kilometer, that has not been found anywhere else in the world. New Caledonia WhatsApp Group Links

New Caledonia appears on the world map as a small dot of land east of Australia and north of New Zealand. This small piece of France in the middle of the Pacific is surrounded by the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu.

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