Latest 5900+ Best Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links 2024

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Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links
Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links

Bengbu is a city in northern Anhui Province, China. Its population is 3,296,408 inhabitants in the 2020 census. Bengbu bears its name producing oysters and river pearls. Beng means oyster and bu means city in Chinese. Bengbu is an important transportation hub in Anhui province and is located at the junction of many railway lines. Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links

Bengbu is located in the southeast of the North China Plain, on the Huai River. The urbanized area is divided into two parts: the big Bengbu on the south side of the river and the small Bengbu on the north side. Dragon Lake is on the east side of the open area. Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links

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Across the lake is the university district, home to four higher education institutions. The area has a subtropical climate of four seasons with a strong monsoon (Köppen climate Cwa), cold, sometimes cold, and hot summer. Active Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links

This region is located in the climate change zone, as it lies along the Qin Ling-Huai Sea between the climate regimes of northern and southern China. In the late spring and autumn, the powerful Dongyi State of Xu experienced pressure from all sides and was destroyed by many wars with its neighbors, such as the state of Chu and the state of Wu. Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links

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Another Dongyi state was the small state of Zhongli, which was part of the Huaiyi Confederacy led by the Xu state. Tombs of kings from the Zhongli state were discovered during excavations between 2005 and 2008 near Fengyang. In the end, the Huaiyi people came together. Updated Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links

Bengbu has become a water distribution center in Anhui Province, and a major distribution point for the Huai Basin. there are many interesting sites to visit in Bengbu, such as Cao Shan, which is said to be the site of Cao Cao’s camp during the Three Kingdoms period,

and the state-level protected cultural monument, Prince Dongou of the Ming dynasty. Tanghe Tomb, a glacial monument of the Quaternary period, Jingshan and Tushan, which are the places where Dayu once used water to prevent them from causing floods. Bengbu WhatsApp Group Links

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