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Anhui WhatsApp Group Links
Anhui WhatsApp Group Links

Anhui is a province in the east of China and is known for many famous cultural and scenic spots: Huangshan. Huangshan is one of the most beautiful and attractive mountains in China. It is one of the smallest regions in the country, stretching about 570 km from north to south. Anhui WhatsApp Group Links

Being landlocked, it borders Jiangsu to the northeast, Zhejiang to the southeast, Jiangxi to the south and Hubei and Henan to the west. It was captured by the Japanese during World War II; After the war, it was taken over by the Nationalists shortly before the Communists took over. He is still a popular producer. Anhui WhatsApp Group Links

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Hefei, the capital of Anhui, is a city with a long history and youthful energy. Anhui shares with most of the rest of China a monsoon climate with hot, humid summers and hot winters. However, due to its high altitude in the south, Anhui enjoys a favorable climate. Most people live in the plains near the Huai River in northern Anhui, or along the Yangtze River in the south. Anhui WhatsApp Group Links

The most influential religions are Buddhism and Taoism, although Anhui has a larger Christian population than most other Chinese provinces. Anhui is located in southeast China, between the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River. Anhui WhatsApp Group Links

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It is located in the eastern part of central China, connecting south to north, with easy access to rivers and seas, and it is located in China’s most powerful economic region: the Yangtze River Delta region. China’s smallest province in terms of area is its southernmost island, Hainan Island. Updated Anhui WhatsApp Group Links

Hainan covers a small area of ​​34,000 square kilometers. Port WUHU is located in Anhui Province, China. It became a major trading center and port during the Ming Dynasty and has been the center of the rice trade ever since. Development in recent years has made it the main industrial center in the region. Anhui WhatsApp Group Links

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