7 Doctoral Researcher Positions in Research Training Group 2022-2023

The Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences invites applications for 7 doctoral positions in its new research training group 2513 “Social Dynamics of the Self” (SELF), sponsored by the German Foundation for Research. BIGSSS is an international university graduate school in the social sciences, located at the University of Bremen and the Jacobs University of Bremen, Germany.

seven project lines:

Successful evaluators should formulate specific evaluation questions. Axes of this project lines are:

1. Culture of honor

2. Development of intergenerational identity

3. Personal development, health and well-being

4. Conflict between family and work

5. Social contribution and retirement (early).

6. Individual and social behavior

7. General characteristics and changes

Eligibility for doctoral level research discipline

We invite applications from distinguished individuals with strong academic credentials and a master’s degree (or equivalent) in psychology, sociology or political science. Potential applicants with related degrees are also welcome.

All accepted scholars are welcome to travel to Bremen for the program as required to attend the institution.Applicants must demonstrate a suitable topic between the thesis proposal and the defined line of work. Three relevant project lines can be defined in the application.

Benefits for 7 doctoral level in one research discipline

Successful applicants will receive a 36-month employment contract, based on the salary scale E13 TV-L/TVoD (65%), at the Jacobs University or the University of Bremen.

Application and further information

More information about a list of required application documents and how to apply can be found at https://www.bigsss-bremen.de/rtg-self/admissions**.** Applications must be submitted online until September 1. . , 2022.

This process will start on March 1, 2023. As for equal opportunity, both universities follow the same equal opportunity and different policies. They strive to increase the number of women in education and encourage applications from qualified women. Foreign applications are expressly accepted. Individuals with disabilities will be provided with the same professional and personal qualification

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