2022 Climate Science Olympiad

Climate science has scheduled its Olympiad for 2022 to find answers to climate change. The competition is open to students aged 25 and below. The competition will be held in four stages such as qualification, quarter-final, semi-final and final. Students can participate individually or in groups of two.

Who Is Eligible for Climate Science Olympiad

  • Be a creator and 25 years maximum (proof of age may be required) and
  • Not being their employee, employee or agent, or employee, employee or agent of any person or any organization related to the running of the Olympiad, and those reduce them to the second degree.

Benefits for Climate Science Olympiad

Students who pass the qualifying, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals will receive awards and certificates. All participants in the competition will receive a certificate and the best participants will receive special honors. Each finalist will receive a bronze medal, and the top 20 and 10 will receive silver and gold medals respectively.

In addition, the top teams will share a $15,000 pool. Finally, participants will write a proposal on a key climate-related issue and will be interviewed by the judges. Entrants will be able to compete individually or in teams against young people from around the world to find solutions to climate change.

It will be a great opportunity for everyone to compete with top competitors from all over the world, it will add an amazing experience to their life and academic career.

How to Apply Climate Science Olympiad application

Eligible students and those who want to participate in this competition must register on their official portal. If the candidate is already an employee, they can log in directly with their credentials. After registering, students can complete their registration form by entering the required details in each field.

Each person can participate up to three times more than their sponsor. All participants must click on the link below to begin their registration.

Climate Science Olympiad Application Deadline

All eligible persons who are interested in entering the contest must register no later than August 10, 2022. Any delay in registration will disqualify them from the contest.

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